VooDoo Guild on Noggenfoger-EU | Horde
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While our raiding roster is currently filled, we will always keep an open eye for exceptional players and people that would like to join us as social members.

Raiding time: Wednesday 19:30 - 22:30 and Sunday 19:30 - 22:30 ST

During progress, we will use Monday as an additional raiding day.

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About VooDoo

VooDoo is a new Horde Guild on Noggenfoger, dedicated to PvE progress in TBC.

We have a core of experienced raiders from years of raiding on TBC private servers and are happy to finally have a permanent place to call home.

While we have a semi-HC approach to raiding and value dedication and good performance, we also maintain friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the guild and are always on the lookout for like-minded members to join us.


Semi-HC approach means that if you're interested in raiding with us, you need to meet certain requirements:

- know your class (also be willing to improve and listen to feedback)

- come on time and be prepared (with consumables and enchanted gear)

- always work on best pre-raid gear that can be gathered outside of the raid (don't show up in greens and expect the guild to gear you)

- be prepared to switch spec if needed - maintain high attendance

- regularly sign up for raids in advance

Raids are announced in advance on our website Raiding Calendar and you are required and expected to show up in at least 40% of our raids as well as to announce either your presence or absence on the Raid Calendar in advance.

Raid Time

Raiding days will be Wednesday and Sunday with Monday as a progress 3rd day if needed.

Raiding hours between 19.30h and 22:30h but you need to login and be raedy @19h.

Raid & Loot:

We use Attendence as our looting system. This system assumes that you will be using Raid Calendar on the website to sign up for EVERY raid there as either ‘Available’ or ‘Not available’ with wanted character.

Attendance is calculated from the total of last 10 raids. This means that in only a month and half of regular raiding you can reach max attendance of 100 and have prio during loot distributions.

Players with highest attendance will get priority when receiving loot, tank > healer > dps.

Our Recruiting

Please check the spreadsheet (click on the image) for the list of classes that we are currently recruiting. While the list is there to give us a preliminary idea about the initial raid setup and recruitment of some classes is already closed (warlocks and rogues), it needs to be stated that those who are raid-ready at the start will have priority.

This means that if you are aiming for a class combination that is already crowded, be prepared to hurry.

Casual Members

We understand very well that there are plenty of people who cannot commit to raiding schedule and level of preparation raids typically require, yet they love to have friends to do the dungeons or quests with.

VooDoo also welcomes players who prefer the more casual approach to the game, who aren't sure if raiding is for them, or simply want a friendly atmosphere and helpful bunch of people to level among.

We will give our best to organize at least one raid apart from the main ones, where social players will be able to participate, if they wish to.

What we expect from ALL our members, social and raider alike:

Be respectful to others, do not participate in spamming behavior, toxic arguments and slander in guild or public chat

English is spoken/written in guild chat

Behave properly when grouping with people outside of the guild


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